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“If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth,
and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:31b-32)

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
As we begin the month of October my thoughts go towards Reformation Day. On October 31,1517
Martin Lutheran nailed the 95 theses to a church door in Wittenberg, Germany setting the
Reformation in motion. Above is Luther’s Seal and this is what it means:
First there is a cross, black on a heart in red, as its natural color. This is to remind me that
faith in the Crucified saves us: for if one believes with the heart, one is justified. Now although
it is a black cross, although it mortifies and is designed to inflict pain, it nonetheless allows the
heart to keep its color, it does not destroy it nature, that is, it does not kill but keeps alive. (For
the just lives by faith, but faith in the Crucified.)
Such a heart is to be centered on a white rose in order to indicate that faith yields joy, comfort,
and peace and straightway beds one on a white, pleasing rose. Nor does faith yield the
peace and joy of the world. Therefore the rose would be white and not red, because white is
the color of the spirits and of all the angels.
This rose is on a field tinted with the hues of heaven to indicate that this joy in the spirit and
faith is a beginning of the future heavenly joy, a joy which, to be sure, is even now present in
faith and embraced by hope but is not yet revealed.
And around this field runs a ring of gold to show that the blessedness of heaven endures
forever and ever and is more precious than all pleasures and possessions of earth, as gold is
the most precious and the noblest metal. (From the Lutheran Handbook)
The Lutheran Church has been in existence for 506 years and Immanuel Lutheran Church has been
in existence for 130 years. The Church, and us at Immanuel have been continuing to reform. The
Holy Spirt is at work and we need to continue to pray, “Sustain us with the gift of your Holy Spirit:
the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and
the fear of the Lord, the spirit of joy in your presence, both now and forever. Amen.”
God’s Peace & Love,
Pastor Gary

Authentic Danish Kringle Fundraiser At Immanuel
Our Bible School and Confirmation children are teaming up with the Outreach Committee
to bring you delicious Kringles. Order forms will be available at church beginning on Sunday, Oct 15th.
Bible School and Confirmation families will be receiving order forms on Oct 18th.
The price of each Kringle and flavor options will be on order forms. These pastries make wonderful gifts.
Orders and payment are due at church no later than November 1st.
Pick up will be at 3pm on November 15th at Immanuel.
Any questions, contact Jane Pluff at 920-421-1055 or Jolynn Reinhardt at 920-493-8039.
Proceeds will be going to Outreach projects to support our community.

Bible School and Confirmation Class Notes
Bible School and Confirmation families started off their school year with Blessing of the Backpack and Potluck on Sunday,
September 17th. It was great to have the families back together. We would like to welcome the Schwab and LeClair families
to Bible School/Confirmation Wednesday evenings. More the merrier! September 20th will kick off the first night of class.
Class times will be 4pm—5:15pm, with a family time at 5:15 to reflect on our week and come together in prayer.
We are always looking for snack helpers. There are 15 children this year that will be attending class.
The bus transportation from Gibraltar is “on hold” at this time. We are working with Gibraltar on when this will start again for
our students.
Some important dates:
Oct 18th Kringle Order Forms will be passed out
Oct 25th Field Trip to Sturgeon Bay for Shopping
Nov 1st Packing Shoeboxes and Turn in Order Forms from Kringle Sales
Nov 15th Family Night for Bible School 5-630pm/Shoebox Delivery night for Confirmation Class/Kringle Pick Up
Nov 22nd No Class
Dec 17th Christmas Program
Dec 20th Christmas Party
Pastor Gary & Jolynn

Saturday, Oct 7
9:30 am—3 pm

Immanuel Lutheran Church will be “cooking up” brats and chili for all to enjoy.
There will also be chips, root beer floats, soda, water and
delicious baked goods.
This is our biggest fundraiser of the year!
Donations & Volunteers are needed! There is a sign up sheet at church or call the church office.
Items needed: Bake sale goodies (cookies, bars, cupcakes, etc.) Soda & Coffee (see sign up sheet)
If you would like to make a monetary donation for expenses use your offering envelope & record the amount & Brat Fry under “other.”
Thank you! Fundraiser to support Outreach Projects.

Immanuel Lutheran Church Council Briefs
from September 12, 2023
Devotion/prayer: Pastor Gary
Guest: Music Director Paula Eggert met with the council to discuss the importance of finding more pianists or other
forms of music for our worship services. Two pianists will not be sufficient to perform all the worship duties a church
year calls for. She asks all of us to search for people and to also consider “thinking out of the box” to accomplish our
worship needs. Names mentioned include Gibraltar band director, Cheryl Pfeister, Carolyn Polster, Lori Free, Charlie
Eckhart, Bill Haen, Janet Anderson.
Pastoral Reports: In addition to all we can see Pastor Gary doing at church, he makes multiple home visits (10+),
hospital visits (12), phone calls (89+), and office visits (7+).
Property & Maintenance: (1) Bob Jaeschke prepared a budget for 2024 but suggested some revisions to the
expense items to be moved from other areas. The financial committee will work on making these changes in
QuickBooks. (2) The outside of the church was power-washed this past month and an annual cleaning schedule is
proposed to keep things looking nice. (3) Pat Hickey made a motion to proceed with ordering a new window for the
nursery; the current one has water damage and is rotting. Motion was seconded and carried. (4) The church has
received a proposal from a neighbor who would like to acquire an additional 12’ along the south property line of the
church. After a lengthy discussion, the council’s decision was not to pursue this offer.
Stewardship/Memorial/Scholarship: (1) Pat Hickey proposed a “Helen Fund” named in honor of Helen Mueller.
Helen was formerly a bus driver for the Gibraltar school district and called at the schools to pick up students in
support of the church’s youth education program for many years. An annual $2,500 fund would support the cost for
busing our youth to church after their Wednesday classes. (2) Many deferred maintenance issues have been
addressed these past two years, sometimes stressing the budget. Pat Hickey proposed a “Building/Maintenance
Fund” for future projects so we can balance our activities with the availability of funds, making our maintenance
work intentional with an eye to keeping our maintenance current across all areas.
Worship/Music: The question of keeping the Sunday church service at 9:00AM year around was discussed. Further
consideration will be needed.
Christian Ed: (1) Women’s Bible study resumes Thursday, September 14th. (2) Men’s group continues the 3rd
Saturday of the month, studying a pre-selected Bible passage and ending with communion. (3) Thursday night
“mixed” study will be studying places in the Holy Land. (4) Children’s Ed resumes September 20th. The youth will do
an “Uncle Mike’s Kringle” fundraiser in October. (5) Blessing of the backpacks, registration, and potluck will be
Sunday the 17th. (6) Jim Marsho brought information on the Christian Youth Conference to be held in Green Bay on
January 14th. Five of our youth are eligible to attend if they wish
Outreach: (1) Annual Brat Fry will be Saturday October the 7th (Columbus Day Weekend.) (2) Sign-up sheets for
donations to help cover costs and for baked goods to sell in the Narthex. (3) Outreach is coordinating with the youth
on the Kringle Fundraiser starting the end of October. Jolynn Reinhardt is heading up organizing the youth. (4) The
Loaves and Fishes event will be supported with desserts from our membership. They will be delivered September
. (5) Judy Edwards would like to make bags for the coloring leaflets, books, crayons, and small toys to be passed
out by the ushers for the small children who attend the church service. (6) Noisy Offerings for the balance of the
year: September/October – Operation Christmas Child, November – Door Tran, December – Secret Santa (utility
Unfinished business: (1) Videos from last year’s LCMC Gathering are scheduled for the evenings of September 19 &
26, and October 3. (2) Pastor Gary will be on vacation (out of the country) in January.
Closing: The Lord’s Prayer. Next meeting: October 11 @ 6:00

~ Reminder ~
We are collecting nonperishable food for

Feed My People
the 2nd Sunday
of the month
You may donate anytime by placing
items in the box in the narthex.
Thank you for donating!

We would like to encourage anyone
who enjoys singing and would like to
share that joy with others, to consider
joining us. Or perhaps you play a little
guitar, or a bass guitar, or can read
bass clef and plunk out a bass line of a
piano, or maybe you are a
percussionist (a drummer to others).
We’d love to add your gifts to the
voices of the praise band. We will
have several rehearsals each month to
learn new music, and to review tunes
for the upcoming praise service. It
seems like Wednesday evenings will
work the best for rehearsals with time
to be determined soon. Talk with
Pastor Gary if you are interested or
have any questions
or contact Paula Eggert
at peggert27@gmail.com


Monday 9 a.m. to Noon

Wednesday 9 a.m. to Noon

Thursday 9 a.m. to Noon

& by appointment



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• If you would like to be notified by phone about cancellations, please contact the church office.

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