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Immanuel news
June 2024 Volume 1, Issue 78

A note from Pastor Gary…

“And the good news must first be proclaimed to all nations”
(Mark 13:10)

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
If you were to rate yourself on a scale from 1-10, with 1 being not very well to 10 being extremely well
how would you rate yourself on how well you proclaim or bear witness to the “Good News” of Jesus
Christ? At first you might rate yourself pretty well, but when you think about it we all miss
opportunities that God gives us to be a witness of the Gospel.
Some may say it is not my job to proclaim the Gospel or Good News, that is the Pastor’s job. That is
why we are paying him or her. Proclaiming the Gospel or Good News may be my job, but in reality, it
is all our job. First, we have to quit looking at it as a job, but rather a vocation or calling. We are all
called to proclaim and witness to the Good News. It is not a job, but a passion in us knowing that we
are children of God.
There are some of you who will say that you don’t know enough about the Bible or are not a person
who can stand in front of crowd of people. You might be surprised on how much you do know. The
childhood stories that you learned in Sunday School, Bible School, Confirmation or Bible Studies start
to come back as you talk about Jesus. And we all know the greatest story, that God loved us so
much that he sent His Son, Jesus, into this world as a tiny baby(The Christmas Story) to teach us
how to love and have compassion for one another. That He loved us so much that Jesus was willing
to die for our sins on the cross and rise from the dead on the third day(The Easter Story).
To be able to go out and proclaim that Good News is why we come together to worship and praise
God. We come to be fed and nourished through Word, song, prayers, and receiving the Body and
Blood our Lord, Jesus Christ. By doing so, we receive the skills and knowledge to bear witness. We
also receive the strength and joy to go out and make a difference.
So, my question for you is this: Do you go out to proclaim the Good News with joy and your head
lifted high or do you rush out with your head down. I encourage you to go out with your head lifted
high with the joy of knowing what God has done for you through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Look for opportunities so share what Jesus has done with you with fellow believers, with the strangers
in your midst, and yes, even with your enemies. As God’s beloved children we need to go out and
proclaim the Good News to a world that definitely needs to hear it.
Together we can make a difference. So, let’s get to our calling, and bear witness to the Good News,
the Gospel of Our Salvation to all nations.
God’s Peace & Love,
Pastor Gary

Bible School and Confirmation Class Notes

On May 1st, the bible school kids made a special Mother’s Day Gift, while the
Confirmation class finished their lessons and prepared for Confirmation Sunday.
During both April and May classes, the children worked hard the last 15 minutes of
class learning the songs for worship on May 12th.
May 8th was our last regular class for the year and the bible school and confirmation
kids had class together,
rehearsing for the youth led worship service. The kids did great on Sunday May
12th, serving as ushers, readers
and communion helpers and singing the songs. Bible school pins were handed out,
recognizing each student’s years of attendance.
We had our annual end of the year party at Egg Harbor Fun Park on May
15th. Thank you again to Mark and Tami for their generosity. Our year concluded
with Roman and Kaia being confirmed on May 19th.
We would again like to thank our parents, those who signed up to be classroom helpers and bring snack, all of the
volunteer teachers and of course, Roberta for her help with the Christmas program and her musical talents. It has
been a great year and a joy teaching your children. Until next fall, God’s Blessings!
 Pastor Gary, Jeremy & Jolynn

Second quarter Noisy Offering will be
going to Vacation Bible School. The
Noisy Offering for the month of May
collected $348.53 during the
worship service. Good job!

On Saturday, July 27th when the Baileys
Harbor Community Association is having
their Food Trucks and Floaties at Anclam
Park, the committee is planning a bake sale
at church. We welcome anyone interested in bringing baked
items and/or helping with this fundraiser. We ask that all
baked items please be at church on Friday before by 11:00 AM.
The committee thanks everyone for helping
us when we have an event. It is a great time
to come together and work as a group and
have fun. Also Thank You to everyone
who helped during the Lenten Season: Soup
Suppers, Palm Sunday Readers, Easter Flowers & Decorations,
Easter Baskets, and the Easter Sunday Potluck Brunch.
And a special Thank You to those that helped with the
E*Recycling Event in May: Gary & Sue Stenzel, Al & Diane
Scharrig, Bob, Judy, & Brenda Jaeschke, Bill Becker, Eric
Scheller, Ken Kieliszewski, Kay Wolter, Don Sitte, and Donna
Rudolph. We appreciate all your hard work!

at Immanuel Help is needed! To volunteer your time &/or donate items needed,
look for the sign-up clipboards in the Narthex. Here’s what we need:
Cinnamon and Pecan Rolls: If you have questions, contact Roberta Burlo (920-495-2748).
9×13 baking pans by July 2nd (don’t forget to put your name on yours)
· July 3rd
– 7:00 a.m. Set Out Rolls To Rise
– 10:00 a.m. Baking Day
· July 4th
– 6:30 a.m. Frosting Rolls & Set up
– 8:00 a.m. Serving & Selling
Parade: July 4th—10 a.m. If you are interested in helping with Immanuel’s float, contact Pastor Gary.
Popcorn, Root Beer Floats & Sloppy Joes: If you have questions contact Pastor Gary.
There are two shifts for helping:
·July 4th
– 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. – Set Up & Serve
– 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. – Serve & Clean Up

The front yard
landscape project is
scheduled to be done
before July 4th.
If anyone would like any of the
shrubs and/or flowers you are
welcome to take what you want
before they are taken out.

Would you be willing to reach out and get to know a bright, young foreign student here temporarily in Door County, who
would also love to meet you? Well, this summer, you can. Over 500 foreign college age students will soon begin arriving in
Door County to work and help fill the many seasonal jobs we have in our restaurants, lodging, coffee houses, shops and stores.
These students come to Door County not only to earn much needed money for school but to experience life in America, practice
their English and learn about us through people like you. Through your friendship and kindness you can contribute to a positive
impression of America that they take with them when they return home. You can get together for conversation, take them
shopping, invite them to your home, church or whatever works for you. Imagine if you had a son or daughter in a foreign
country. What a relief to know someone like you is available to help them when needed and just be a friend.
By partnering with an organization called Bridges here in Door County you can have the opportunity to… as your time
allows… be a helpful friend to one of these students. Bridges is an organization comprised of most of the Christian Churches
throughout Door County. Its mission is to provide friendship and help to these international students and to create opportunities
for sharing our Christian faith. Bridges does this through five or six major church sponsored student events throughout the
summer, the distribution of Bibles in their language, informal discussion groups and through you as an American Connection
Friend. Immanuel is a long time sponsoring member of Bridges. In fact, on August 6, Immanuel will be cosponsoring a fish boil
dinner and sports activity night for these international students at the Bailey’s Harbor Recreation Complex. (More details to
Please prayerfully consider saying yes to serving as an American Connection Friend. Others, who have done so, have seen these
brief summer connections turn into life long friendships. We want to fill as many of the student requests for an American
Connection Friend as we can. Last year there were more student requests for an American Connection Friend than we could
Register directly on your computer in 6 easy steps:
1) Go to www.DCBridges.org
2) Scroll down and click on “blue” American Connection page
3) Scroll down to “blue” box and click on “blue” American Connection Friend page
4) Click on “blue” American Connection Friends Application
5) Fill in the Application
6) Click “Submit”
For further information or assistance in registering please contact Immanuel’s Bridges Liaisons Jim or Nancy Marsho 262-227-
6969; jmarsho@uwm.edu

Please continue to save
your Tadych’s register
receipts and put them in
the box by the coat rack. They give us a
1% rebate on the total amount.
Thank you!

What hymn or praise song would you like to sing?
There will be a “hymn sing” on the last Sunday of June and we’d like your help choosing
which songs to sing.
So that we can have the words and music available that morning, we will be collecting your
suggestions several weeks before the service on June 30th.
Starting in mid-May through mid-June, there will be a white board for you to write your hymn titles suggestions,
and there will be post it notes for you to use as well. Or you can email Paula Eggert at peggert27@gmail.com
with your suggestions. The worship team will organize your suggestions into the service on June 30th.
Thanks for your participation.
 PaulaE


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