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Immanuel news
May 2024 Volume 1, Issue 77

A note from Pastor Gary…

“Jesus said to them, ‘I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will
never be hungry, and whoever believes in me will never thirst’.”
(John 6:35)

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
One of my favorite memories of when I was a child was coming home from a long day at school and
running into the house and saying “I hungry. What is there to eat?” Then I realized that I could
smell fresh bread. The aroma melted one’s heart. It made it seem like everything will be alright. It
made you feel like you were in heaven. It was better yet when the bread was still warm and put
butter on it. Can you almost smell and taste it?
Jesus is the Bread of Life. In the institution of the Lord’s Supper hear His words, “Then he took the
cup, and after giving thanks he said, ‘Take this and divide it among yourselves; for I tell you that
from now on I will not drink of the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God comes.’ Then he took a
loaf of bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and gave it to them, saying, ‘This is my
body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me’.” (Luke 22:19).
The disciples didn’t understand what he was saying, but they listened. One day they would
understand that Jesus is the Bread of Life. Especially when they witness him breaking the bread
after his resurrection, did they fully understand. Let’s be truthful, we are just like those disciples, we
don’t truly understand either. We may say we do when we receive the bread and wine, the body
and blood of Christ, but do we really understand. For I don’t think we will truly understand until that
day when Jesus calls us home by name and we sit at that heavenly feast with all that have gone on
before us.
That is why it is so important for us to come together as the Body of Christ and worship God. We
need to rehear those words to be fed and nourished. So it may give us the strength to meet the
days ahead knowing what Christ has done for us on that cross. We need to share the Word of God
with each other. We need to share the Word of God with those who have not heard them. We need
to share the Word of God, the Bread of Life, with family, friends, strangers and even our enemies.
A couple of weeks ago I baked some loaves of bread at the church in the morning before worship.
It sure did smell good. But better yet, after worship in the parish hall during fellowship time my
sisters and brothers were enjoying eating the bread and talking about the bread. Jesus was present
in their midst. Now imagine smelling and tasting the Bread of Life. The One who satisfies all our
hunger and all our needs. Truly the presence of the Lord dwells in each of us. I hope you think of
this the next time you smell and taste a fresh loaf of bread.
God’s Peace & Love,
Pastor Gary

Bible School and Confirmation Class Notes

After a week off on March 27 for Spring Break, the Bible School kids returned to class in April; starting off
with a snow storm on April 3rd.
Sarah Martin, Kari Baumann, and Marin Gransee led the younger children during class time the month
of April. Thank you so much for giving your time. Pastor Gary was in charge of the older children and
Mr. Schwab has been leading the Confirmation class with lessons and preparing the upcoming
confirmands for May 19th.
April was a busy one…a random Snow Day, Characters of Easter, Beatitudes and The Lost Sheep. Mrs.
Burlo is busy teaching the kids a song to sing during youth-led worship in May.
During our final weeks of class we will be having a special craft project and learning “What is Worship?”
We will wrap up the year with youth led worship on May 12th and our annual end of the year party at
Egg Harbor Fun Park on May15. On May19, two of our students will celebrate the Rite of Confirmation.
Congratulations and God’s Blessings to Kaia and Roman.

 Pastor Gary, Jeremy & Jolynn

Would you be willing to reach out and get to know a bright, young foreign student here temporarily in Door County, who
would also love to meet you? Well, this summer, you can. Over 500 foreign college age students will soon begin arriving in
Door County to work and help fill the many seasonal jobs we have in our restaurants, lodging, coffee houses, shops and stores.
These students come to Door County not only to earn much needed money for school but to experience life in America, practice
their English and learn about us through people like you. Through your friendship and kindness you can contribute to a positive
impression of America that they take with them when they return home. You can get together for conversation, take them
shopping, invite them to your home, church or whatever works for you. Imagine if you had a son or daughter in a foreign
country. What a relief to know someone like you is available to help them when needed and just be a friend.
By partnering with an organization called Bridges here in Door County you can have the opportunity to… as your time
allows… be a helpful friend to one of these students. Bridges is an organization comprised of most of the Christian Churches
throughout Door County. Its mission is to provide friendship and help to these international students and to create opportunities
for sharing our Christian faith. Bridges does this through five or six major church sponsored student events throughout the
summer, the distribution of Bibles in their language, informal discussion groups and through you as an American Connection
Friend. Immanuel is a long time sponsoring member of Bridges. In fact, on August 6, Immanuel will be cosponsoring a fish boil
dinner and sports activity night for these international students at the Bailey’s Harbor Recreation Complex. (More details to
Please prayerfully consider saying yes to serving as an American Connection Friend. Others, who have done so, have seen these
brief summer connections turn into life long friendships. We want to fill as many of the student requests for an American
Connection Friend as we can. Last year there were more student requests for an American Connection Friend than we could
Register directly on your computer in 6 easy steps:
1) Go to www.DCBridges.org
2) Scroll down and click on “blue” American Connection page
3) Scroll down to “blue” box and click on “blue” American Connection Friend page
4) Click on “blue” American Connection Friends Application
5) Fill in the Application
6) Click “Submit”
For further information or assistance in registering please contact Immanuel’s Bridges Liaisons Jim or Nancy Marsho 262-227-
6969; jmarsho@uwm.edu

Please continue to save
your Tadych’s register
receipts and put them in
the box by the coat rack. They give us a
1% rebate on the total amount.
Thank you!

What hymn or praise song would you like to sing?
There will be a “hymn sing” on the last Sunday of June and we’d like your help choosing
which songs to sing.
So that we can have the words and music available that morning, we will be collecting your
suggestions several weeks before the service on June 30th.
Starting in mid-May through mid-June, there will be a white board for you to write your hymn titles suggestions,
and there will be post it notes for you to use as well. Or you can email Paula Eggert at peggert27@gmail.com
with your suggestions. The worship team will organize your suggestions into the service on June 30th.
Thanks for your participation.
 PaulaE


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